Advantage of general overhaul

Guaranty appointments
in  addition to the implied warranty and beyond that.

The following assurancs do have validity only for articles and/or reparations, at whom a guaranty period is mentioned in their offer specifications or in their purchasing/reparation bill.

As a commercial provider (individual enterprise) i am legally obligated to a warranty deed. It is expanded and completed by my additional conceded guaranty (in the following guaranty)depending on each singular case. By that guaranty there cannot and must not be restricted the valid and legal customers´ rights, which i declare herewith as  for my company obligating given. Within the framework of the guaranty  all regulations of the implied warranty regarding only  the fist half-year are ensured for the whole expanded guaranty period. For a contract with me it means, that in many cases there do apply both regulations in result, so in case of doubt the customer can/has to make use of both or of the each more to him favorable.

The necessary declarations of the guaranty are as followed:

  • Guaranteeing: In case of defect or malfunction, which occur to the guaranty-object during the guaranty period despite apropriate usage by the user, i concede their gratuitous reparation/rectification. If the repairing/rectification attempt fails, i concede finacial compansation, conversion, replacement or return according to the costumers preference. The maximum refund in case of return, conversion or fefund is limited to the former purchasing/repairing price plus the primary incurred and appropriate shipping fees, in case of conversion it is limited to an appropriate  aequivalent. Additional claims for refund are not  consented within the framework of the guaranty. The customer has to tolerate an apropriate waiting period. The handling of the guaranty, as long not described different in here,  is referred to the whole guaranty period according to the regulations of the impiled warranty for the first half-year and furthermore to the general terms and conditions of "Freie Ton- und Bildwerkstatt".
  • In both cases the guarany claims have to be directed to me:

Martin Kühne
Nobelstraße 16
95444 Bayreuth - Germany

These claims have to be directed informal vocally, by telephone, or by email, fax or mail or by pronounced returning of the device. More address data you can find on your bill and on the homepage below "Kontakt". You should prefer a written (re-readable and documented) form. A description of the malfunction/defect is obligatory for the guaranty granting unless the criticised malfunction/defect is obvious. Pronounced guaranty returns will be handled preferred to not-pronounced ones.

  • The guaranty period for each device is according to the period as mentioned in its offer specifications and as mentioned on your repairing or purchasing bill (generally one or three years).  The guaranty starts with the date of billing or of delivery, just as you prefer.
  • A proof of guaranty is not necessary, i know every single device, that had been under my treatment.
  • The scope of guaranty is worldwide, i will assume the shipping costs for guaranty returns limited to the most cost-efficient inland shipping method.
  • The guaranty is granted for each device individually and does include all technical malfuntions/defects except user committed ones or such, that depend on parts or part assemblies, which were explicitly excepted form the guaranty for reasons of availability. That can happen, if the support with spare parts is not any longer provided or given by the manufacturer. Such restrictions though refer only to the rectification (or rathter its  impossibility) of these mentioned parts and do not affect the customers right to finacial compansation, conversion, replacement or any other adequte solutions for the whole device. In each particular case the commensurability has to be respected. Also in accordance to the parallel valid warranty the customer has to tolerate rectification attempts, only after their fail the customer can claim replacement or compensation.
  • The costumer does not have to show proof the nativeness of the quality defect for guaranty granting, claims under guaranty will be refused only in case of definite actual fault by  user or other definite external induced events (e.g. overvoltage). In opposition to the implied warranty the shifting of the burden of proof remains to the customer´s  advantage until the end of the guaranty period.
  • The guaranty is transferrable without any restrictions.