Adapter boards for PCM1704 and DF1704/DF1706

provides the application of a PCM1704 SMD DAC IC instead of a PCM63 DIL DAC IC and the repacement of the DIL filter IC SM5813 by the SMD filter IC DF1704 or DF1706

50€ extra price for each DAC/filter IC

german version

Texas Instruments stopped providing new PCM1704-ICs last spring. After having equipped a number of Symphonic Line CD player successfully with adapter boards by Mr. Sellenthin (ASE Audiotuning), I wrote to him about the discontinuation of that chip, he should care about stocking them. Then in December I had to upgrade a Symphonic Line Player to 24Bit again and ordered adapter boards with PCM1704U-K.

ASE adapter: PCM1704 on PCM63 socket

they were not available, calender week 8 was scheduled. So I pitted my own player and took the adapters out o replace them later by the new ones. That was delayed until April, with my tenth email request (after already two unanswered) I finally asked, if he would not at least supply empty boards and if he wanted to stimulate my own initiative, to invade his adapter business segment, which I until then saw as a no-go.

That also remained unanswered, thus I drew a copy of his adapters. Those have no patentable content, not even copyright may work for them, for they just implement two manufacturers data sheets in connection with each other. I kept as close as possible to his sample, because its function was already tested and approved. And of course I made both boards necessary for a Symphonic Line player and ordered a small amount of them, even when I still had a filter adapter by him.

born from distress, hand build replica: PCM1704 on PCM63 socket

Meanwhile I equipped them in approximate imitation of the samples, on the DAC board solid electrolyte types were preferred ("OS-CON") in in the backing functions. on the filter board in this first version a routing error occurred, which can be bypassed by a bridging solder connect. Both board types are already in action with my CD payer, it works in the excellent way again I was used to.

ASE adapter: DF1704 on SM5813 socket


the hand soldered FTBW version: DF1704 on SM5813 socket